Is Nextgen Development and Integration

The future....
    Our mission is creating Next Generation IT integrator to design and implement of new high-performance software products for the automation of business processes based on a modern low-code application development platform and integrating with AI&ML, Big Data, RPA and Cloud technologies.
    We offer a low-code development platform for enterprise software with integrations with AI/MS, RPA, IaaS, PaaS, iBPMs and other technologies.
    It is based on a modern low-code application development platform of enterprise level Aqtra Platform ( is a disruptive tool for developing and publishing cross-platform (web and mobile) solutions.
    Today Aqtra is a dynamically developing product for the automation of business processes of wide application. The product is used in different industries, including Retail, FMCG, Financial, Logistics, Trade, Industry.
    We are the Innovative platform for enterprise application development based on technology synthesis of low-code, AI, Intelligent Document Process (IDP), robotic processes automation (RPA), and Cloud.
    We are looking into the future of IT-automation and aims at new levels of product creation without expensive pro-coding, but with actual tools based on modern AI & Low Code technologies with social impact on developing ecosystem connecting corporations with demand for innovations and developers.
    Our mission is to make enterprise-level low-code available to everyone by creating marketplace of solutions on a low-code platform, as well as launching of an online academy and marketplace will allow replicating ready-made solutions on a large scale, as well as developing an ecosystem and community of developers.
    The following solutions are created within the project:
    • 1
      The Digitalization Platform of a Modern Organization based as LCDP (low-code development platform) +RPA (robotic process automation) + AI (artificial intelligence)
    • 2
      Automated employee assistant (mobile and web application with prompts for staff)
    • 3
      HRM with employee training and motivation system
    • 4
      Personal user portal
    • 5
      Customer and supplier portals
    • 6
      Carious ERP and separate modules
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